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                                  Agencias Comerciales AL Aidaroos established in ecuador, Latin America to bridge the gap between east & west and to help strengthen the ties between ecuador in latin america and the rest of the world by helping people who's looking to move to Ecuador to find the best assistance possible to do that smoothly without any hassle from the first day of arrival in the airport by welcoming them their, assisting in finding a residence, opening a bank account, obtaining a sim card, getting insurance, obtaining a driving licence, getting an introduction tour in Cuenca Ecuador to the most important area, and enrolling your kids to the educational system.

additionally, Agencias Comerciales AL Aidaroos working as exporter of ecuadorian products to the world and an importer of variety of international products to Ecuador.


Our first establishment founded by our father Mr. Omar AL Aidaroos was in the British Crown Colony of Aden in 1965 under the trade name of AL Aidaroos Trading Agencies and then expanded in 1967 to Hong Kong where our main activity were exporting in addition to manufacturing. In 1979 our expansion reached Singapore under the commercial name of AL Aidaroos Trading & Manufacturing Pte Ltd.

Finally, hear we are move our step to the wonderful continent of latin america by the son of the founder Mr. Ibrahim AL Aidaroos to invest in this arena to serve the world community and add a value that bridging latin america to the rest of the world.

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Address. Edificio Los Laureles, Calle Juan iniguez y Jose escudero, Cuenca, Ecuador

Tel: +593 7 2815588

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