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When you arrive in a new country, you’ll find things are all a little bit different, and some things may be a lot different. Simple things you took for granted, like getting a mobile phone renting a home or an apartment, you need to know thw language of the country, know the areas. And then you have things like insurance. What is required, how is it offered, and where is it obtained? Similar things required to enroll your kids to schools.

Yes, it can all seem a bit overwhelming. So let US make it easy. We’ll guide you through a smooth journey and a soft landing.

Our Relocation service involves everything from receiving you in Quito & cuenca airports, finding comfortable housing and reliable medical services, enrolling your kids to school, linking you to the best immigration lawyers, opening a Bank account, obtaining a telephone sim card to discovering the City of Cuenca and it's important places. It’s everything you do, every day, in your new country.

Our Package

  • Reception at Quito Airport & return back if required.
  • Reception at Cuenca Airport.
  • Assistance in obtaining telephone Sim card.
  • Assistance in finding a permanent home for lease.
  • Assistance in connecting you to the best lawyer for processing the Visa application.
  • Assistance in finding the best medical insurance.
  • Assistance in opening a Bank account.
  • One day tour in the city of Cuenca.
  • Assistance in obtaining a driving license.






Relocating to Ecuador 

Our plans

All the below plans includes the total benefits mentioned above and the Only different is that the number of persons 




Reservation SHOULD be a week before Arrival




Reservation SHOULD be a week before Arrival


of Four


Reservation SHOULD be a week before Arrival


of Five


Reservation SHOULD be a week before Arrival



-Assisting in obtaining Ministry of Education acceptance

-Assisting in school enrollment

$300 per child

Payment in Ecuador

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